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    BWHL Mission Statement

    Blue Water Healthy Living is an online magazine located in Port Huron, Michigan. Our purpose is to promote healthy living by promoting the values of Faith, Family, and Freedom as well as showcasing the Blue Water Area, its people, issues and surroundings. This online magazine is devoted to providing healthy living related stories, local happenings, and commentary. Often inspiring and uplifting, our stories come from our heart and soul to promote the enjoyment of a more fulfilling Blue Water Area lifestyle. We sometimes present articles that are political in nature, as well as news outside the reach of the Blue Water Area. The material on this web site is provided for informational and amusement purposes only and is not to be confused with any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

    Blue Water Healthy Living appreciates the passionate content provided to us by our volunteer writers, reporters, and other contributors. Interested volunteer writers and reporters should contact our administrators at

    The views and opinions (particularly political) expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions and values of Blue Water Healthy Living. We reserve the right to deny posting of any article solely at our discretion.