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Daily Habits of Successful People

By Marion Webber

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Having a degree does not guarantee success!  It is amazing how many people are “book smart”  but have no clue about what the real world is like.  In the greenhouse business there were people that had the right education, but no idea how to work with people. Then there were people who had both the education and the personality for the job.  What was the difference? Attitude! To have a successful business you have to think big!  Find something you love to do and do it!  Here are some ideas that worked for my business.  Every business is different, but the goals may all be the same.

  1. Having a positive attitude is not always easy! Life does not always go our way, but how we look at it can make or break a business. No one wants to go to a business and see owners or employees with a bad attitude.  This reflects on your business, and can turn customers away.  With so many places to shop, customer service should be a number #1 priority!
  2. Plan your day the day before!  When I was in business I never had time to evaluate all the work done during the day.  At night I would walk through all the greenhouses and jot down notes of things that needed attention the next day.  The next day the plan was ready to go and employees would be given one of the specific jobs that needed special attention without losing any time. That is not to say it always worked out that way, but plans can be adjusted.
  3. Never stop learning!  Essential!  Just because you have the “degree” or you have been doing something forever does not mean you know it all or that you ever will know it all.  Learning from other successful people is a vital element for your business! When I was in business, I would visit all the “successful” greenhouse businesses and see what was new.  What did they do to improve their operation since the year before?  Is it something that could work for us?  Always search out new ideas.  Read about new products, and how to incorporate them into your business.
  4. Keep your focus on yourself.  It’s really tough sometimes not to get “down” by all the competition in the world today, but if you keep your focus on your work and how you are serving your customers, you won’t have time to dwell on it.  Think about how you can improve every aspect of your business. Nothing stays the same.  The old saying is “if you aren’t growing, you’re going” still holds true.
  5. Be healthy!  Getting enough sleep, and eating healthy should be a priority!  Without either we tend to slump and cannot function at our best! In our business, exercise was not an issue.  We walked from morning till night.  But if that is not part of your business, you need to get out and get moving! My new job writing for “Blue Water Healthy Living” is mostly a sit down job! Getting up and moving after work is a necessity for me, after all the years of walking all day long!  You can “feel” the difference.
  6. Live your life!  Take time to enjoy life.  What good is all the work if you don’t do anything to enjoy it.  Sometimes just being away from the work for even one day, or a whole weekend, can give you a whole new prospective.  I remember being away one day and feeling like I was gone for a week.  It’s amazing what a day “away” can do for you.  Sometimes we think we just can’t do that, but the benefits are tremendous.  Try it, life is short.  Will we be here tomorrow?  Who knows?  Take time to enjoy life now!

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