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School shooting and article 1 Chapters 9 and 10 in the constitution

By Mark Pearson

In light of the recent shooting at the Christian school in Nashville and the democrat’s propensity of taking a tragedy and trying to make political hay from it, I needed to make a comment.  One of the major things that get forgotten is that there is more in the US Constitution regarding this issue than the second amendment.  We need to be reminded of a clause in the original document that is more important. What I am referring to is the “ex post facto” law clause explicitly stated in article 1 chapter 9.  The state is not allowed to pass several laws and one of these emphatically state that no “ex post facto law” shall be passed.

 Ex post facto law in modern English means “retroactive”. What it means is that whatever is lawful and protected by law today cannot be rendered unlawful tomorrow by any official body either by a city council, court, county commission, or state legislature.  Since every firearm, all ammunition, scopes, laser sights, bump stocks, and any support items have already been manufactured under license and under all rules, regulations, guidelines, and any other edicts pertaining to the safe and reliable production of said items are covered under this clause.  In short, if it was legal yesterday then it cannot be rendered illegal today by any political or judicial person or body.

 Therefore, it is illegal to ban any of the above-mentioned items through any attempt by a mayor, Chief of police, prosecuting attorney, county sheriff, state governor, or district or appellate judge.  It is also illegal to issue any mandate that attempts to stop or hinder the possession, handling, buying, giving or selling or handing down said items to any persons who legally qualify.

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The same law is restated in article 1 chapter 10 and also applies to the US Congress.  It also applies to the president of the United States.  For all of the current occupant’s pontificating about issuing an executive order banning “assault rifles” (fully automatic machineguns which are already covered under Class C license.) or anything relating to firearms is pure hot air and makes him in violation of the Constitution which he has sworn to uphold and defend.  I don’t need to remind your readers that the weapons such as the AR-15 are not assault rifles since they are semiautomatic.  And have been ruled by the supreme court and other courts to be protected by law.

I appeal to all the editors, writers, sponsors, and contributors to this fine magazine and all of your readers to remember those two clauses, article 1 chapters 9 and 10 as well as the 2nd amendment. And challenge all the liberals that you come into contact with and remind them of these facts.  It would also remind your state and federal appointees of these facts and remind them that violation of any clause in the constitution can get them impeached or voted out of office.

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